Machinery, Molds & Toolings
With our production knowledge of condensers and other A/C products, we have begun supplying raw materials and components to manufacturers. We supply everything for condensers, radiators, and even hoses, from brackets, plastic tanks and gaskets down to the raw materials used to produce fins. We source all of these items from within Korea and can guarantee the quality of these materials as we have been working with this market for over 20 years.

Along with components, comes machinery. Through our years of producing A/C items, we realized that manufacturers worldwide had a demand for quality equipment. With our experience we decided to meet that demand, and are currently supplying equipment to OE facilities as well as companies focused on the aftermarket. We can supply everything to set up, upgrade, or keep your production line running smoothly.

With the machinery come toolings, and whether you are starting a new project and need new toolings developed, or your old toolings need to be replaced, we can supply you with new ones. We can help to develop and supply you with toolings for any machine involved in the A/C line and help with the install of these toolings in your factory. While installing the tooling, we can help to train your employees on how to properly install, change, and setup the toolings for increased efficiency during production.