The condenser's job is to cool down the hot refrigerant coming from the compressor, so it is located at the front of the car where it can be exposed to the maximum amount of air. As the hot refrigerant flows into the condenser, it dissipates heat by flowing through a system of ultra-thin tubes that are held together by fins. The refrigerant cools and changes from a gas to a liquid state before exiting the condenser. Once the refrigerant has been cooled from a gaseous to a liquid state, it flows out of the condenser and towards the evaporator.

At GAC we manufacture Parallel Flow (PF) condensers that have been proven more effective and reliable than serpentine or plate and fin type condensers. All of our condensers have OE fit and quality. From the size and fitment of our condensers, to the materials we use, GAC condensers perform flawlessly.

We carry over 900 models of condensers, and have the ability to recreate a condenser for you if provided with a sample. We have a design and development team that follows rigorous standards to make sure all of our newly designed condensers are OE quality. Each GAC condenser is packed carefully and attention is given to ensure there is no damage to the condenserís delicate fins as this could negatively affect its performance and lifespan. GAC has obtained the ISO 9001 / TS 16949 / ISO 14001 certifications.