Fin Mill We have two fin milling machines.
These machines take strip aluminum from a large roll and form it into
louvered fins that fit the dimensions of the condenser being made.
Core Builder We have 6 semi-automatic core builders. The core builder is the station where the fins, tubes, and header pipes are put into place. They are then clamped together to ensure a secure fit during the rest of the process.
TIG Welding We have five TIG welding stations. At these stations, we use TIG welding to secure brackets to the condenser that need to be brazed. We use TIG welding to ensure proper placement of the brackets during the brazing process.
Brazing We have one brazing line. We use the Nocolock brazing method to join all of the condenser joints simultaneously. By using the Nocolock brazing method we can ensure that we are using a non-corrosive flux solution that is environmentally friendly.
Leak Test We have two leak testing machines. To complete a leak test, hoses are securely fastened to the inlet and outlet of the condenser.
The condenser is then submerged in water while air passes through the tubes. If any leak is detected an alarm is set off, and the condenser is discarded.
Dryer We have 1 Dryer. After the leak test, every condenser is put into the dryer to make sure no water or FLUX is leftover. We want to ensure no condenser has chance for corrosion, so we expel any trace of water or FLUX during this process.
& Inspection
During assembly and inspection, each condenser is checked to ensure quality and labeled with a product number and an identification number, documenting the day and personal that completed the assembly.
After labeling, brackets that need to be added after brazing are attached to the condenser, which completes the manufacturing process.
Packing After the condensers have been assembled and inspected to ensure quality, they are sent to the packing area. We package each condenser with full cardboard wrapping to ensure none of the fins are damaged and each box is packed with protective air bubbles to ensure no condensers are bent during shipment and storage.